Painting & Mixed Media

Vivid imagery, distinct emotion and strong feelings within demand that I observe closely and listen freely, so that I may instinctively connect to their energy. I fuse with this energy and let it take me on a journey, becoming the vehicle for its release and the canvas a reflection of its form.

I like to mix my colours directly on the canvas. This encourages a sense of spontaneity that I deeply enjoy. If imagery is the starting point for a work I will make rough sketches, sometimes directly onto the canvas, before I begin a process of layering and playing with colour.


Dance & Movement

When I dance I am spoken for. I feel held.

My process begins with improvisation. Often guided by music, which acts as a catalyst to my emotions and visionary experience, I will start to move until gradually my mind quietens and my body takes control. It is during these moments of being in an unconscious trance like state that I feel the presence of a deeper voice emerging; one that elicits a strong sense of connection to the energies inside me.