Painting & Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Vivid imagery, distinct emotion and strong feelings within demand that I observe closely and listen freely, so that I may instinctively connect to their energy. I fuse with this energy and let it take me on a journey, becoming the vehicle for its release and the canvas a reflection of its form.

I like to mix my colours directly on the canvas. This encourages a sense of spontaneity that I deeply enjoy. If imagery is the starting point for a work I will make rough sketches, sometimes directly onto the canvas, before I begin a process of layering and playing with colour.

Working in the moment, capturing and toying with the unexpected and watching as the colours collide, blend and take form is captivating. I am present, with a tension inside me that is exhilarating; inviting me to trust in my instincts and value my intuition.

I know when a painting is complete because I no longer feel fused with it. The energy I connected with to create the work has been fully released and given voice in its own expression of shape, colour and movement. The painting now resonates with and radiates this energy, having become its own entity; ready and waiting to connect with others and build new personal relationships with those who come in contact with it.