Dance & Movement

Artist Statement

When I dance I am spoken for. I feel held.

My process begins with improvisation. Often guided by music, which acts as a catalyst to my emotions and visionary experience, I will start to move until gradually my mind quietens and my body takes control. It is during these moments of being in an unconscious trance like state that I feel the presence of a deeper voice emerging; one that elicits a strong sense of connection to the energies inside me. Breathing into this energy I begin tracing its shape and form with my body in motion, whilst at the same time expelling it from within.

It is during moments of stillness; where I stop in my tracks, that I find myself re-connecting with conscious thought and feeling a sense of unification between my mind and body, which in turn facilitates an understanding of what my body is communicating. It is also during these moments that I will backtrack in an attempt to capture the movement so that it may be remembered and used within my choreography and teaching.

Sharing my work invites a wonderful sense of connection with others. Whether in a spectator, student or fellow dancer, I like to evoke emotion and to challenge people to tune into their own feelings when experiencing the work; linking these with their own personal narratives. But the improvisational process is ultimately a personal journey; to be able to connect instinctively with the self is therapy for life. As my earliest companion of the arts dance still walks beside me today and will no doubt be a part of me forever.